Procurement Stand-up

Got Procurement?

Take the guess work out of establishing a new procurement department in your company.  Call ProcurementDesk today to help guide the way before you start the journey.  The power of procurement at any company starts at the top.  The list below details what ProcurementDesk offers in helping company's stand-up new procurement functions:

1.  Analysis and reporting of the current purchasing and contracts process.

2.  Procurement policy drafting.

3. Recommendations on the easiest way to reach your company's goals by centralizing the procurement function. 

4.  Recommending the right purchasing software for your company.  

5.  Helping you to draft, post, and hire the right procurement staff.

6. Rolling out Procurement function in an orderly manner.

7. Communication support for the new procurement process to your entire organziation.

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