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Covid PPE Available

Covid PPE AvailableCovid PPE AvailableCovid PPE Available

Make Spend Decisions with Confidence

ProcurementDesk helps companies control costs.  With a focus on simplifying the process of indirect spend management, ProcurementDesk offers services which allow corporate leaders to make spend decisions with confidence.  It's that simple.


ProcurementDesk Platfrom

Our ProcurementDesk acts as a homepage for spend.  Our platform simply links to your existing purchasing, contracts, travel & expense, or supply system. Whether it's the Corporate Procurement Policy or where an employee needs to go to make a purchase, our ProcurementDesk platform is an easy to use starting place.  If your company doesn't have a Procurement department, or looking for recommendations for spend software providers, no problem, the ProcurementDesk team can guide you. Give us a call today!


Spend and IT Consulting Services

ProcurementDesk offers bespoke procurement, negotiation, contracts, IT infrastruscture, and security services.   We offer Procurement as a Service with a strong technology focus.  Procurement is an integral function for any company operating today.   The as-a-service delivery model provides clients access to subject matter expertise and technology that is delivered on-demand. Organizations will be able to pay for only the technology they need and, importantly, use. ProcurementDesk will directly engage your contractual obligations in order to tailor a client's actual needs. 

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